• Are you fascinated towards Airplanes?
  • Ever thought how airplane works? Wanna build your own Flying Aero-Model?
  • Do you want to become a Pilot or interested in Aviation related careers?
  • Does science fascinates you? Are you interested in Challenging Science Projects?

If the answer to any of the above question is YES, then we would like to offer you our wonderful program on Aero-Modeling which can help you realize your potential and shape your dreams.


School Aeromodelling Clubs Co-curricular activity programs/ hobby clubs covering our specially designed Aeromodelling course which runs throughout the academic year in School premises. Read more…
Summer Camps  10-15 Days, 2 Hours daily, intensive program on Aero-Modelling. Read more…
Aero-Modelling Workshops 1-2 Days, 4-8 hours workshops on Aero-modeling at schools, colleges, Corporate Offices and Tech Festivals. Read more…
Air-Shows Air Shows are promotional events used for the coverage of a tech-fest or a grand function from up in the air by taking the aerial shots and videos of the location.


What we offer ?

We offer co-curricular Activity programs (hobby clubs) in Aero-Modeling (Basic and Advanced) for students of Std.  3rd – 12th and Radio Controlled Aeromodelling Workshops for College Students.

We also provide all materials, Do-It-Yourself Kits required to build an Aero-Model from scratch like imported Balsa wood, propeller, tools and other accessories

Benefits of Aeromodelling

  • Learn Basics of Aeronautics, Introduction to Aero-Modeling
  • Hands on exposure in designing/ building Aero-Models
  • Overview on careers related to aviation.
  • Learn to work as a Team.
  • Improve Hand and Eye-coordination, Learn to work with tools, materials and accessories.