• Are you fascinated towards Airplanes?
  • Ever thought how airplane works? Wanna build your own Flying Aero-Model?
  • Do you want to become a Pilot or interested in Aviation related careers?
  • Does science fascinates you? Are you interested in Challenging Science Projects?


Science is knowledge gained from keen observation of environment and exploration of thought. A mere textbook study is not adequate to fully understand the principles. Hands-on experience involving the three stages of Imagination, Learning and Creation is absolutely essential.

Learn the Science behind planes, gliders, air vehicles, drones, rockets at our wonderful programs on Aero-Modelling which can help you realize your potential and shape your dreams.

Our Services:

We are an outside classroom learning educational company catering to the co-curricular and all round development of students. We impart education through Practical approach pedagogy, implemented through School Educational Clubs, Aero modelling Labs, Summer Camps, Aero modelling Workshops, Air Shows and Adventurous Air Rides/ Trips.

Aero modelling Clubs/ Labs
Co-curricular activity hobby clubs and dedicated labs for schools covering specially designed Aeromodelling course which runs throughout the academic year in School premises. Read more…
Summer Camps 10-15 Days, 2 Hours daily, intensive program on Aero-Modelling. Read more…
Aero Modelling Workshops 1-2 Days, 4-8 hours workshops on Aero-modelling at Schools, Colleges, Corporate Offices and Tech Festivals. Read more…
Air-Shows Air Shows are promotional events used for the coverage of a tech-fest or a grand function from up in the air by taking the aerial shots and videos of the location.
Air-Rides To experience the thrill of flying in actual air-vehicles like Powered ParaMotor, Powered Parachute, Hot Air Balloon etc.

Highlights of Aero modelling Course

  • Extensive theory and practical on history of Aero Modelling, Theories behind flight, law of gravity and laws of motion.
  • Audio / visual and kinetic aid for more understanding.
  • Practically Implementing Science concepts: Do It Yourself Kits.
  • Based on STEM Concept: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  • 20 + sessions of interactive multimedia and activity based classes, throughout the year delivered by experienced educators.
  • Activities like Rocket Making and Launching, Drone Flying and R/C Planes Flying.
  • Kids Guide Book “AEROKIDS” on basics of Aero modelling.
  • 1 Day Adventure Trips outside the school premises to help them see real life planes, rides on Para gliders and Hot Air Balloons.
  • “Course Completion Certificates” for all students.
  • Social media based outside classroom learning (Student-educator communication through web portals/ Facebook/ emails etc.)
  • Counseling on Aero Modelling as a defined career.

We have large range of products varying from electronic RC Models to building DIY kits at competitive prices all over India. We assure quality of all our products and a good selection of material to build an Aero-Model from scratch like imported Balsa wood, propeller, tools and other accessories.

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