Aeromodelling is an art of designing, building and flying model airplanes, helicopters, rockets, hovercrafts, drones etc. Our wonderful program on Aero-Modelling gives an insight on the basics of “Aeronautics, Chuck Gliders, Radio-Controlled Electric Airplane Models, Rubber Powered Models and History of Aviation” being taught in a practical and interesting way.

We provide various programs in the spheres of Aero-modelling, Model Rocketry, Hovercrafts and Boats. Our mission is to Entertain, Educate and Elevate the World of Flight!

Models We Teach

  • Static Models
  • Free Flight Models
    • Paper Hang Gliders
    • Paragliders, Hoop Gliders
    • Chuck Gliders
    • Catapult Gliders
    • Rubber Powered Models
    • Birds/ Ornithopters
  • Control Line Models
  • Radio Controlled Models
    • Radio Controlled Aircraft
    • Radio Controlled Boat
    • Radio Controlled Hovercraft
  • Model Rockets
  • Drones & Multicopters

 “Design thinking comes only if you get your hands dirty and learn to build things at an early age”

About Aeromodelling Programs

“In this programme, children get a chance to build model airplanes, gliders, birds, rockets and fly them. They get an idea of what an aircraft is really about and the ‘hands on’ experience on Aeromodelling kits, Flight Simulators, audio-visual shows, experiments, projects, activities bringing them closer to science and aviation.”

The students of our club very enthusiastically engage in making the planes and enjoy the flying sessions that shows their zest towards the whole activity.

As part of our course, we plan to conduct annual trips for our club students outside the school campus to any of the four locations that include:

  • Indian Airforce Museum, Palam.
  • Aeroplanet, Dwarka.
  • Airforce Day at Indian Airforce Station, Hindon
  • Adventure Rides.

The idea behind such an activity is not just giving our children a unique and enriching experience but also making them aware about the importance of the Air Force in the Indian Army, and have an exposure on Air-Vehicles.

An Aero-Modeling Concept Guide-Book “AERO-KIDS” is provided to them so that they can refer aeromodeling concepts at any point of time. They will definitely benefit from this program both now and in the future. The Aeromodelling journey for our aeromodelling kids mark the success start as we successfully make them Certified Aero-Modelers and injects a spark of pursuing aero modeling to the next level.

Benefits of Aeromodelling

  • Learn basics of Aeronautics
  • Hands-on Exposure in building aero-models
  • Learn to work as a team
  • Overview on careers related to Aviation
  • Improve Hand and Eye Coordination, Learn to work with tools, materials and accessories
  • Learn the latest emerging and ever-growing technology among students.