Rubber powered models are simplest class among the powered aeromodels. They are made of balsa wood and have a propeller which drives power from the unwinding of a twisted rubber band. They are usually the love of beginners in the field of aero-modeling. It gives you a great start where you can build, assemble and fly a rubber powered model made of imported materials. Needless to say, they make a great gift too. We provide self-starter kits for our models, Ideally Suited for age group 9+ years.

  • “Chipmunk” Rubber Powered Plane (Large): Body length of 30 cm, no pre cut parts, ideally suitable for 9+ years. Make from scratch. Cost of a kit – Rs. 500/- BUY NOW
  • “Skytouch” Rubber Powered Plane (XLarge)*: Wing span of 50 cm, ideally suitable for 9+ years.Additional Features: Allows your kids to assemble an extra large rubber-powered glider. Easy to assemble in 30 minutes. Does not need tools or glue. Excellent flight performance. Perfect gift for children. Suitable for kids above 9 years of age. Cost of a kit – Rs. 500/- BUY NOW
  • “Bi-plane” Rubber Powered Plane (Large): Body length of 30 cm, all pre cut parts, ideally suitable for 9+ years. Cost of a kit – Rs. 500/- BUY NOW

Each kit includes everything required to build a working model from scratch like:

  • Balsa wood sticks
  • Cutter
  • Butter Paper/ Kite Paper
  • Propeller
  • High Elasticity Rubber Bands
  • Super Glue, Fevicol
  • Stainless Steel Scale, Pen
  • And, Step by Step instruction sheets

Note:  (All costs are excluding Shipping and Handling Charges)

It is an excellent DIY project that mentally challenges your child to use logic and method to bring this kit together. Watch your little ones jump with joy as you gift them this Aeromodelling kit. It allows them to assemble amazing rubber powered gliders that flies beautifully. These rubber powered gliders are built to scale and delivers a superior flying performance. What’s more, your kids can put all the included parts together easily without the need for glue or any tools in just a few minutes*. All the necessary instructions are included with the kit. An engaging hobby, aeromodelling can keep your kids occupied for hours. It also helps develop their logical thinking and motor skills.

Along with kit, we also offer free telephonic and website assistance in building and flying the model.