Flying Bird Ornithopter is a rubber powered bird that flies by flapping its wings. It has an aerodynamic structure and a wonderful creation of science that flies beautifully like a real bird. It is one of our most liked model among kids. Includes everything required to build a working model in just half an hour: Kit contains

  • Balsa Wood Stick
  • Bamboo Sticks/ Arm Sets
  • Crank Unit Attachments
  • Wing & Tail Plastic Sheet
  • High Elasticity Rubber Band
  • And, Step by Step instruction sheets

Cost of a kit – Rs. 600/= (excluding Shipping and Handling Charges) BUY NOW

An intelligent DIY project for kids that teaches a child to methodically piece together the parts. It is a very engaging hobby craft for children above 12 years. Watch your teen-kids with joy as you gift them this Aeromodelling kit. It allows them to assemble amazing rubber powered flying birds that flies beautifully like real birds. These rubber powered gliders are built to scale and delivers a superior flying performance. What’s more, your kids can put all the included parts together easily without the need for glue or any tools in just a few minutes. All the necessary instructions are included with the kit.

Along with kit, we also offer free telephonic and website assistance in building and flying the model.