Chuck Gliders are made of Balsa wood which flies beautifully when gently launched into the air, usually in the wind by a gentle throw of hand or catapult. The critical aspect of these aeromodels is the design of the wing, as that decides the time of flight of the model. This model helps children in understanding the concept of Aerodynamics (Airfoil shape of wing) in a practical and interesting way.

We have three kinds of chuck glider kits for kids age above 8 years.

  • “Philadelphin” Chuck Glider(Small): Wing span of 15 cm, all balsa wood pre-cut parts, ideally suitable for 8+ years. Cost of a kit – Rs. 300/- BUY NOW
  • “Kadet” Chuck Glider(Large): Wing span of 30 cm, make it from scratch, ideally suitable for 10+ years. Cost of a kit – Rs. 450/- BUY NOW
  • “Tailwind” Chuck Glider(XLarge): Wing span of 40 cm, all balsa wood pre-cut parts, ideally suitable for 10+ years. Cost of a kit – Rs. 500/- BUY NOW

Each kit includes everything required to build a working model from scratch like:

  • Balsa wood cut parts
  • Sand Paper
  • Super Glue/ Fevi-quick
  • Plasticine (Modeling clay)
  • And, Step by Step instruction sheets

Note:  (All costs are excluding Shipping and Handling Charges)

It is an excellent DIY project that mentally challenges your child to use logic and method to bring these kits together. This is an easy activity for kids to try and be able to successfully construct an aero model by themselves. Think your little ones have the talent to become the next Amelia Earhart or aviator Howard Hughes? Get them this aeromodelling kit that lets them create a stunt glider of their own. Their first step towards serious aeromodelling. These kit builds a flying glider that is perfectly scaled and has superb aerodynamics. Your kids will squeal with joy as the glider performs up to 10 basic aerial stunts.

Along with kit, we also offer free telephonic and website assistance in building and flying the model.