Millions saw the apple fall,
but Newton was the one who asked why?
Encourage your child to ask ‘why?’

Aero Modeling Clubs and Labs is a concept introduced by Aero Sapiens to help schools build Innovative Science Centers and practical based learning areas. Our unique programs are a combination of Aero-Modelling and Career Counseling in the fields of aviation. 60% of the program is practical Hands-on-Sessions while the rest is covered with Audio-Visual classes.

Aeromodelling is a unique learn with fun educational hobby, prescribed by CBSE as a co-curricular activity, which a child can pursue in his school hours. These are designed specifically for students of grade 3rd-10th, age group 8-15 years.

What does each student receive?

  • Extensive theory and practical on history of Aero Modelling, Theories behind flight, law of gravity and laws of motion.
  • Audio / visual and kinetic aid for more understanding.
  • 20-25 sessions of interactive multimedia and activity based classes, throughout the year delivered by experienced educators.
  • Understanding / Assembling / Designing of various model planes.
  • Kids Guide Book to Aeromodelling “AEROKIDS”.
  • Activities like Making and Flying Gliders, Planes, Helicopters, Birds, Hovercrafts, Launching Rockets etc.
  • Social media based outside classroom learning (student – educator communication through web portals/ Facebook/ emails etc.
  • Aeromodelling events, competitions in the school premises (Parents are invited for this session).
  • Certificates for all students upon successful completion of the course.
  • Counseling on Aero Modelling as a defined career.
  • Demo of Rockets/ RC Planes/ Control Line Models/ Hovercrafts/ Quadcopters.
  • A Complimentary Day-trip* to Indian Air Force Museum or Adventure Air Rides or Aeroplanet.
  • Course Fee inclusive of imported Balsa Wood, propellers, tools and all other accessories.

Benefits to Students:

  • Learn Basics of Aeronautics, Introduction to Aeromodelling
  • Hands on exposure in designing/ building Aero-Models
  • Aero Modeling Course completion certificate
  • Overview on careers related to aviation.
  • Learn to work as a Team.
  • Improve Hand and Eye-coordination, Learn to work with tools, materials and accessories.

Detailed Curriculum:

  1. World of Aero-modelling, Aero-modelling Videos (1 Hour)
  2. Parts of an Airplane, Theory of Flight (1 Hour)
  3. Kit distribution, Introduction to Tools, Accessories & Materials, Safety Precautions (1 Hour)
  4. Designing, Building & Flying First Aero Model – Practical Class (4 Hours)
  5. Competition #1 (1 Hour)
  6. History of Aviation (2 Hours)
  7. Designing, Building & Flying Second Aero Model – Practical Class (4 Hours)
  8. Competition # 2 (1 Hour)
  9. Aviation Careers (1 Hour)
  10. Basics of R/C Models, R/C Coaxial Helicopter  (1 Hour)
  11. Introduction to Advanced Models (Rockets, Control Line Plane, Hovercrafts, Quadcopters etc.) (1 Hour)
  12. A Challenging Project – Team Activity (4 Hours)
  13. Flying Competition #3 (1 Hour)
  14. Final Written Test (1 Hour)
  15. Aero-Modeling Websites, User Groups, Sourcing, Award of Course Completion Certificates (1 Hour)

Free Demo Offered for Schools

We would like to propose a Free Demo (Travelling Expenses required if outside NCR) for students at your school premises. Demo will focus on giving overview of Aero-modelling along with real flying of RC Aero-Models like RC Planes, Multicopter etc. The idea is to brief students about the program. Post that you can circulate letters to students introducing Aeromodelling Club at your school.

We ensure that you’ll find our initiative extremely beneficial for your students. If you have any queries, kindly revert to us. We are looking forward to a positive response from you and a long term association with your esteemed school.