Ever wondered how birds glide in the sky without flapping their wings? Other than have hollow wing structure, their high aspect ratio and perfect balance helps them to ride with the wind. If you can grasp these concepts, you too can build a glider that is able to float in the air for long periods of time.

Glider flying are first stages for anyone who wish to learn about the aerodynamics and essentials of flight design. It challenges the fundamentals while exploring creativity in designing new crafts. ​​It also pushes the boundaries of workmanship to build complicated structures while maintain light weight.
These gliders can be flown indoors and outdoors, depending on the build.​​

Rubber-powered Gliders:

Rubber-powered gliders, as the name suggests, uses an elastic rubber band to propel them forward. The rubber band is wound to store potential energy. When released, the rubber band unwinds itself, converting this potential energy to turn the propeller. Built carefully, some can stay aloft for forty minutes or longer.


Basic Rubber Powered Plane is ideal for first time builders and fliers. It is a perfect trainer plane for basic flying skills and to build confidence. The specially designed trainer style fuselage and wing allows slow and predictable flight. This is a super affordable way to get into plane fabrication with a professionally designed and yet easy to assemble and build kit.



  • Lecture on fundamentals of aerodynamics and different types of powered aircrafts.
  • Understand various components of an aircraft.
  • Know about stability and control of an aircraft.


  • Design own Rubber Powered Plane from scratch.
  • Know about CG balancing and stability check of the fabricated Plane to avoid any navigational glitch during flight.
  • Making the plane ready to fly


  • Balsa wood sticks
  • Cutter, Scale, Pen
  • Butter Paper/ Kite Paper
  • Propeller
  • High Elasticity Rubber Band
  • And, Step by Step instruction sheets
  • Epoxy Glue

Note:The components mentioned above are parts of take-away kit. It would be provided during the workshop on per team basis.

General Rules:

  • Teams of at max two candidates are permitted.
  • Application fee: 1000 Rs. per applicant.
  • Certificates will be provided to all on successful completion after the workshop on behalf of Aero-Sapiens.

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