Aero Modelling workshops Thrilled about RC Hobby?.. Want to make your own aircraft like the Idea used in the movie 3- Idiots?.. Bored with static projects and normal robotics workshops and want your robots to fly in open air?.. Then this is the opportunity for you to take your leading steps in this field and get a great exposure about unending applications of Aeromodelling by using Basic Electronics, Radio Controls 2.4GHz Technology, controlling servos, learning flying skills and basics of aerodynamics.

We offer intensive Aeromodelling workshops to introduce this fascinating sport and hobby to young school or college students (age 10+ years). The workshop is dedicated to learn the technology behind making of aircrafts along with hands-on exposure in designing and building flying models.

Features :

  • Develop STEM skills through builds, design and student-created aircraft
  • Emphasize safety, collaboration and teamwork
  • Build real-world problem-solving skills
  • Expose students to careers in science and technology

Best suited for:

  • Summer Camps or College Annual Events (Individual or as a team activity)
  • Corporate programs – Team activity for Employees (Imagine a Father-son duo – building a model air-plane)

In our Aeromodelling Workshops, you would be building a complete flying Aero-Model, be it a Glider or a Plane, a Drone, a Bird or a Rocket on your own with the help of simple tools like cutters, fevi-bond, tites, special adhesives, sandpapers, styrofoam sheets, balsa wood etc. Know the basics about Center of Gravity (C.G), Center of Pressure (C.P) of a flying object and basic Aerodynamics which makes an object fly.

We offer aeromodelling workshops in various categories. These categories are:

  • Free Flight Model Workshops:
    • Boomerang Workshop
    • Balsa Wooden Glider Workshop
    • Rubber Powered Plane Workshop
    • Flying Bird/ Ornithopter Workshop
  • Control Line Plane Workshop
  • Radio Controlled Workshops:
    • RC Aircraft Workshop
    • RC Hovercraft Workshop
    • RC Boat Workshop
    • RC Quadcopter*/ Mini-Drone Workshop
  • Rocket Workshops: Make and launch the rocket high upto 600 feets.