Services Offered

We provide Aero Modelling programs/ workshops in the spheres of Aero-modelling, Model Rocketry, Hovercrafts and Drones for Schools & Colleges througout India.

Aeromodelling Clubs/Labs

Designed specifically for Schools to promote Aero Modelling Education as part of co-curricular activity. Suitable for students of grade 3rd-10th, age group 8-15 years. Proudly Associated with DPS, Ryan International, Cambridge School...

Aero Modelling Workshops

Designed as a Kick-Starter Module on Aero Modelling. These 1-2 Day workshops include Hands-On exposure in making Aero-Models. Best suited for Corporate Events - Technical Festivals. Our clientele includes - IIT Kanpur, NIT Trichy.

Summer Camps

A week long experience, a Lifelong expression. Wonderful opportunity to learn Aero Modelling in just 20 Hours spread over 1-2 weeks (2-3 Hours/Day). Designed for all ages. Each participant will Build & Take Home 2-3 Aero Models.

Welcome to the world of Aeromodelling !


“To fly like a bird is a dream for all of us, but can we fly? Now stop dreaming and experience flying”

We at Aero Sapiens promote Aeromodelling as a hobby and sport. Aeromodelling is an exciting hobby which stimulates creativity through building and flying model airplanes, gliders, rockets, birds, drones etc. We provide various programmes in the spheres of Aero-modelling, Model Rocketry, Hovercrafts and Boats. Our mission is to serve society through excellence in education. We always aim to define, and continually refine, the absolute standard of excellence in our teaching.

 We provide Air Shows on Multicopters, Helicopters, Huge RC Planes doing Aerobatics for schools, colleges and corporates.

We are proud to present a new initiative on introducing Adventure Rides this year in association with SKY AVIATION. We aim to provide an opportunity to experience the thrill of flying and turn your dreams to reality.


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Portfolio - Aero Models

We provide Do-It-Yourself Aero Modelling Kits. Each Kit includes all the material to build a complete Aero Model from scratch. Buy Now !
Rubber Powered Model

Rubber Powered Model

These are simplest form of powered aero models - usually the First love of beginners. Made of balsa wood and a propeller which drives power from the unwinding of a twisted rubber band. It gives you a great start where you can build, assemble and fly an Aero-Model.

Single Stage Rocket

Single Stage Rocket

Model Rockets have given a new dimension to Aero Modeling. These are small rockets constructed using paper, wood and other lightweight materials which can be launched up to 100 – 500 mt. Experience the joy of creating your own Model Rocket from scratch in 2 hours.

Chuck - Catapult Glider

Chuck - Catapult Glider

Gliders are easy to build and fly balsa wood plane which gives a very long flight when gently launched into the air, usually in the wind by a throw of a catapult or by Hand. It helps in understanding the concept of Aerodynamics (Airfoil shape of wing) in a practical and interesting way.

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